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Fraction Number Sense


Number sense – an intuitive feel for numbers and their relationships – develops when children solve problems for themselves.

“Number sense” describes a cluster of ideas, such as the meaning of a number, ways of representing numbers, relationships among numbers, the relative magnitude of numbers, and skill in working with them… In a problem-centered mathematics curriculum, number sense is closely tied to problem solving, as the children described above show. These children have learned, over time, that they are capable of solving problems and that they can play with numbers to make sense of a problem. They have used their growing number sense to develop strategies to help them solve problems.”


“Fractions are often a difficult concept for young learners to grasp. Keeping it concrete is a great first step, until they understand that fractions really just mean it’s a part of the whole.”—Deb Russell

1.a small part or item forming a piece of a whole

2.the quotient of two rational numbers

3.a component of a mixture that has been separated by a fractional process

4.perform a division; “Can you divide 49 by seven?”


Fresh Baked Fractions

Summary: This activity involves students working through fraction problems at different levels. These problems focus on simplifying and finding equivalent fractions. The students can choose from easy, medium, hard, and super brain levels.


Summary: This website includes activities focused on all areas of math including fractions. The fraction activities focus on separating parts from a whole. The main activity is titled Fraction Paint. This activity gives different sized squares. Students are given the task of painting certain portions of the square.

Fractions-A Booster Activity

Summary: The students enter the website and choose the level they would like to work on. Students solve problems finding the shaded portions, identifying different parts of the whole, and placing fractions on a number line.

Lesson Plans

These are lesson plans that can be implemented into your own teaching. Finding good lesson plans on the web is difficult. We recommend reading over these ideas and formatting them to fit into your own classroom and style of lesson plan.

Ideas for Teaching Fractions

Summary: Includes fun hands on activities and lesson plans that are taught using concrete methods.

Fraction Idea Bank

Summary: Includes lesson plan and activities that are helpful in teaching fraction number sense in a concrete way.

Lesson for Extending Fractions

Summary: This website includes tips and ideas to remember when teaching fractions or planning a lesson.


Summary: This website is sorted by grade level and touches on different areas of fractions such as comparing, dividing, and reducing fractions. This website also contains lesson plans for all different types of fractions and links to sites containing fraction activities.

Web Resources

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Fraction Bars: of 2 bars.swf

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Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions

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Equivalent & Simplest Form


Fraction of a Set

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