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Integration of Math and Art

Integration of Math and Art!

Often times, teachers are intimidated to teach math.  They feel the concepts are hard to understand even for themselves, let alone for children.  Math is also often viewed as tedious and boring.  For those who think that way, there is good news!  Math can be fun and interactive.  What better way than to through art!

Why integrate art with math?  Studies have shown that the integration of math and art significantly increases the understanding of mathematical concepts.  It gives a concrete visual to an abstract concept and allows the students to more easily make the mathematical connections.  Math concepts such as shapes, patterns, and fractions can be enhanced with art.  Below are some links and ideas for the integration of math and art.

Lesson Ideas

#1–Circus Clowns, Geometry, and Fractional Parts (Pic 1)

FOCUS: Students will select from a variety of geometric shapes including cirlces, squares, rectangles, and triangles of different shapes, sizes, and colors.   Given a sheet of paper, they will be encouraged to learn parts of a fraction by cutting shapes into halves and quarters when needed.

INTEGRATION: The students learn to identify basic shapes and fractional parts by cutting shapes to fit into places as needed.  Encourage the students to show action in their picture.

#2–Butterflies and Microscopes (Pic 2)

FOCUS: Students will use the negative space of a circle, imagining it is a magnifying glass, and recreate the wing of a butterfly using proportion.

INTEGRATION:  The students will learn the elements of proportion as they view a 2-3 inch circle of a butterfly’s wing and recreate it on a larger scale.

(Herberholz, Barbara & Donald. Artworks for Elementary Teachers: Developing Artistic and Perceptual Awareness. McGraw Hill, 2002.  116-117. )

Other Ideas


Math Connection

Art Concept

Self Portrait

Proportions estimations

Facial expressions/emotions

Still Life

Spacial relationships

3 dimensional

Starry Night

Size, movemen


Sunflowers (VanGogh)



Valentine Heart



Titanic Representation

Measuring/ ruler

Color, 3 point perspective, value

This article briefly covers basic ideas and concepts of math using art.

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