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Integration of Math and Science

Integrating Math and Science



All grade levels K-12


Why integrate?

“Research indicates that an integrated approach to learning aligns with the way the brain naturally processes and internalizes new information.  Since mathematics and science are integrated in the world outside the classroom, and technology has become a natural extension of this integration, it seems only logical that these areas are studied together inside the classroom.” -Diane Ronis


  • Enhancing the meaning of what is taught
  • Reducing the need to rush to try to get everything covered
  • Making it possible to teach knowledge and skills simultaneously
  • A way to restore necessary content emphasis and balance
  • Make for natural, holistic learning
  • Saves instruction time because you can teach multiple standards at once
  • Teachers structure activities beforehand and debriefing afterward to focus on ideas.



  • Try to integrate each time you teach math and science, however is feasible and desirable in some situations but not in others
  • When applicable with other topics



Innovative Internet Integration for Elementary Math and Science: This site links you to many sites where you can find ways to integrate science and math together through games, lesson plans, and different programs.  It also has a link of different materials teachers can get to use in their classroom.



National Science Teachers Association:  This link shows you an issue of the elementary edition of Science Class focusing on Science and Mathematics Integration. This website uses a range of NSTA-approved teaching resources: news stories, Internet SciLinks, books, and NSTA journal articles.


Center for Elementary Mathematics and Science Education: This link tells you all about the Center for Elementary Mathematics and Science Education at the University of Chicago.  It gives you different articles on project sites as well as keeps you updated on things that are going on with math in today’s world.


Institute for Mathematics and Science Education (IMSE):  IMSE serves as an intellectual center that brings together researchers and practitioners from various disciplines, providing a forum for discussion and collaboration. IMSE programs are characterized by a strong foundation in mathematics and science content. IMSE has developed a web of funded initiatives that address the teaching and learning of mathematics and science at several levels.

Integrated Science and Mathematics:  This is a great website that has listed over 50 websites with a description of each. The websites include topics on inquiry, integrating science and mathematics, moon cycles, and more!


Math and Science Activity Center:  The activities on this website target a middle and high school population although some of the activities are approachable by more advanced elementary school students. Topics include scientific notation, units and measurement, simple machines, atoms, and the solar system. 



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